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Open Forum: Think twice before breeding horses

Spring is just around the corner and if you have thoughts of breeding “Nellie” to a nice stallion you know, think of how many horses/ponies you presently own. Do you really use all of them for riding or driving and are they well trained? Are you sure that you need another foal? It’s easy to think, “Hey, a foal would be fun to have and the kids would love and enjoy it.” Remember it takes a pregnant mare 11 months before the foal is born, then at least two years after the birth of the foal before you can even start to train your foal. Are you sure you know why you bred the mare in the first place? Overpopulation of horses and ponies is a real problem especially those that aren’t trained and are just a drain on your feed bill. The kids grow up and are off to school or work, so what do you do with that foal that is untrained to do anything? Most untrained and unwanted animals end up at the auction and are bought by killer buyers and from there they go to the slaughter house and end up going to Mexico, Canada or Europe for meat.

Very seldom are those unwanted horses purchased by a person who wants an untrained horse and all the work that is involved. Don’t be the horse owner who is supplying unwanted horses to the overpopulated horse problem in the U.S.

Sue Leagjeld

Pequot Lakes