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Open Forum: Explanations requested from the GOP

Questions for the Republican budget slashers in Congress and the Minnesota State House and Senate. First, to the state of Minnesota Republican representatives and senators: Tell us voters how your proposed policies will affect you and your family members personally. Better yet, how will they affect the communities you claim to represent here in greater Minnesota?  Also in your answer, tell us who will benefit and who will not from your proposals. Especially important, be specific so we can understand your rationales for making the drastic cuts that the media say will make you look like the good guys and gals who do not raise state taxes, but others say your actions will, in fact, require the raising of local taxes and fees (or whatever you want to call them). If that is not true, let’s have your answers! You talk about creating jobs, but your actions appear to be slashing them. Explain!

Also important for voters to understand is why the very wealthy among us should not pay their fair (progressive) share? In addition, is there a reason why their second mansions on the lakes should not be taxed more? There must be a good reasons for that — let’s have your rationales. So, federal House and Senate elected officials, please let us voters in this district also know the specifics of your slashes. Do you have the courage to give full explanations to all the questions?

M. Fritz Bertelt