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Open forum: Judiciary system is biased

A while back a federal court in Florida ruled that Obama’s health care bill that requires all people to have to have health insurance is unconstitutional. You can relax, because this is not about health care, or that bill. Its about how politically motivated our courts are. Two Democratic leaning courts have already said it’s fine and now two Republican leaning courts have said not so. So now you can see how these two political parties, who do not represent the will of the people, but the will of the party, have influenced our court system.

We have three distinct divisions in our government. The legislative, which is supposed to make the rules. The judicial, that is supposed to enforce the rules and the executive branch, which is supposed to provide leadership for both of them and the country. Through politically motivated appointments, the judicial branch, which is supposed to work independent from the other two and be non-biased, has now become the lap dog of the legislative and the executive branch. It is very apparent that right or wrong has little to do with the courts decisions now days. It is the will of the political parties, which appointed the judges through the executive branch that counts.

If this is a democracy it is a huge stretch of the meaning of the word. It’s not at all what our founding fathers intended it to be. So now it will be left up to the Supreme Court to rule on. The make up of this court is no different than the federal court. Judges selected for their political views. Their decision too will have no bearing on whether it is right or wrong, but whether they lean left or right.

Mike Holst