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Open forum: Was there a ballot on this?

Kudos to the McKnight Foundation for funding artist grants. Nobody forced them to fund artists. However, the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund, a government agency, also, granted money, “as appropriated by the Legislature with money from the vote of the people of Minnesota.” Was there a ballot initiative on this? If not, then the granted money was not from the vote of the people. If the Legislature appropriated the money, where did they get it? Is this part of the $6.2 billion that the state is spending that it doesn’t have? Artist grants should be funded by patrons of the arts and by private foundations like McKnight.Democrats are “shocked” that Republicans would blame Obama for high gas prices. Which has the most effect on gas prices: Gadhafi’s threat to deprive the world of 3 percent of the world’s oil by blowing up his wells, or, Obama’s turning over oil rigs, in the Gulf of Mexico, to Brazil, and giving them $2 billion to build more? After all, won’t there still be plenty of oil in the Gulf when Brazil, China and Russia are through drilling and pumping? The Associated Press slants its reporting. They say that tax cuts cause deficits, that extending unemployment benefits is a tax cut, that we’re in a recovery, that the Recession “fueled explosive deficit growth” and that the purpose of the $1 trillion stimulus was to bail out the financial system. And, the Brainerd Dispatch prints it like it’s gospel. The Congressional Budget Office thinks that cutting taxes will cause the federal deficit to rise. All three fail to look ahead at what the results of the tax cuts will be. The day the tax cuts become law, there will be an upsurge in hiring, business activity, homes bought, charitable giving and taxes paid. 

Bill MaxfieldAitkin