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Open Forum: Crocodile tears over budget deficits

Party Republicans, bending to the will of the Tea Party (it should be called the Demagogue Party), have been calling for large budget cuts. (Demagogue: one who tries to become a leader, for selfish reasons, by stirring up people’s prejudices and emotions.)

I won’t say who caused the situation that makes it seem like budget cuts make sense, because if you don’t know by now, you never will.

However, the latest crocodile tears over budget deficits seem to total $33 billion. These cuts are directed in ways to adversely affect those most in need among us.

Yet a modest tax increase, on those most able to afford it, was “off the table”. Even Wisconsin public employees agreed to a 7 percent wage and benefit cut.

Our military budget, not counting the costs of two wars we can’t seem to get out of, is well over $600 billion; to make the math easy let’s call it $660 billion.

Thirty-three billion is 5 percent of $660 billion. Rather than cut funds for nursing care, health, education, environment, disabled, could we afford to take away 5 percent of the military budget? Well, we spend something like 10 times the number two nation, China, on military. Why do we need so many guns? What are we so afraid of? Why? Are we a nation of panicky cowards? Or have the war profiteers spooked us so badly? Do we have 10 times as many enemies as China? How did we manage that?

Every so often I hear of military projects being forced on us by Congress that even the military doesn’t want! Billions in waste.

Six hundred and sixty billion is over $2,000 for every man, woman, child in the country — each year!

Don’t take my word: look this all up.

Someone’s pockets are being lined, and it ain’t mine.

A. Martin