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Open Forum: Exploding deficits

Is it any wonder that at a time when we have the lowest tax rate in over 70 years that we have exploding deficits? With the investments in infrastructure at their lowest in 50 years or more that the nations roads, bridges, and dams are crumbling. The roads are merely terrible the bridges are terrible and nearing deadly, the dams however are the worst of the lot. Many are uninspected, many need to be removed for safety reasons and others need to be repaired soon or removed. If removed they may put homes and other property at risk just not in the danger of destruction from catastrophic failure which they may be now. However, leaving them where they would not be accessible, or habitable. Levees are another problem. Many are not properly inspected or maintained. Many dams and levees were privately built, some over a century ago. The owners have died or sold the property or the property was abandoned and no record of ownership is available and no government authority claims responsibility. The cry (by those who say they are being taxed too much) for help when they fail and why wasn’t something done before this happened will astound every one. They won’t accept that they were part of the problem. Our problem is that our country is being destroyed by the cheap and the greedy no one wants anyone else to receive fair wage especially if they are paying it. 

Listening to our Congress and Legislature they are pro-pollution, anti-health, pro-ignorance, anti-education, pro-insurance, anti-healthcare, not a bunch I would want to hang around with. Calling them mindless is a compliment.

Jesse Nix