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Open Forum: Looking for fairness

I started watching “Secret Millionaire” on TV out of curiosity because it was promoted as millionaires sharing their wealth with the downtrodden. They don’t share that much compared to what they have. But it is good publicity for them and a tax write-off. It did make me aware of how many sick, disabled, homeless, hungry and unemployed people we do have. We borrow billions of dollars every year from China to give foreign aid to China and 155 other countries, take care of millions of illegal immigrants, pay for millions of government employees and maintain military bases in over 100 countries, yet won’t take care of our own citizens in need. We allow tax breaks for the richest and heads of corporations to send jobs and make money overseas, for which they don’t pay taxes. They want to live in this country and take advantage of its resources, but not repay it. They already have it all and still want more. There is no such thing as too much profit or too much CEO salary and perks.  We have now become a government of the corporations, by the corporations and for the corporations. And the rest be damned. How sad for us.

We revolted once against the British because of taxation without representation. Are we going to have to revolt against our own government to get some fairness and sanity back?

Julie Pawlak