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Open Forum: Here comes spring

Today as I sit at my desk overlooking the lake, there is a blue line of open water coming from the other side. Nothing heralds the coming of the summer months more than the ice off the lake. That dirty grungy ice is being absorbed as we speak and in its place comes the clear, icy blue water, that has lain hidden since last November. Not far behind will be the loons, and soon they will splash down on this pond they have called home for many years and their mating calls will once more reverberate across the surface. 

This scene is repeated over and over in this wonderland of lakes but most of it seemingly goes unnoticed as we take it for granted. There are other signs of nature on the move if you look around. The sap is flowing freely in the trees and the deer are migrating to the roadsides and sunny areas, looking for those first tender shoots of green grass. As we speak an eagle sits on the edge of the receding ice waiting for winterkill to float to the surface, oblivious to the crows that are harassing him from above. A muskrat pokes his head up from a large hole in the ice; he’s thinking its good to be alive today.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could clean up our lives in much the same manner as Mother Nature does? Absorb the dirt and grime of yesterday and paint a whole new picture with a fresh start, and a new beginning. Let’s make this a good summer in the Brainerd lakes area, but more than that let’s fill our hearts with hope for a better world. It’s possible but we have to want it bad enough.

Mike Holst