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Open Forum: It’s all in the perspective

My pen hasn’t been silent but my letters have been silenced. Too much preaching? What? Me?

I discussed this with a co-worker who said it’s all in the perspective of informing or preaching.

Like a friend I had who would put ketchup on his hash browns. A friend of his told him he was ruining them and had no answer for him until he saw him putting soy sauce on his chow mein and told him the same thing but he answered, “No. I’m enhancing it.” Perspective!

I could be an environmentalist raving about how the mercury-laden CFL bulbs will save the planet. There’s already these bulbs in our landfills by people too lazy or stubborn to dispose of them right and there will be more when there’s a charge for the disposal. To gain a few more hours of bulb life is worth the mercury danger? To this idea the Bible says, “You strain a gnat, yet gulp down a camel!” Anyway, I’d be informally preaching environmentalism. Same difference as what I do. Amen?

I hope and pray this makes print. If I don’t get a letter before, I hope and desire everyone has a very blessed Easter.

Stephen L. Heinecke