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Open Forum: Be on the side of the voter


The Rosenmeier Center-sponsored debate on voter photo IDs, featuring  State Representatives Mary Kiffmeyer and Steve Simon left unanswered questions and prompts one to research this topic.  


Does a 10-minute video tell the real facts about Voter Photo IDs? No. The League of Women Voters Minnesota presents a different view aimed at protecting the constitutional right to vote for all citizens.

Requiring a photo ID would disenfranchise the elderly, disabled, minorities, low income voters and young voters who do not have valid photo IDs showing their current addresses. Is it necessary for your 85-year-old grandfather to obtain a photo ID when he has voted in the same precinct for 50 years? 

Minnesota has a record of clean elections with no evidence of voter impersonation, which is the only thing a photo ID card can prevent. This is not common sense legislation, but senseless, adding hardship and dollars to a process that is not broken. 

In this year of an extreme budget deficit and cuts to the the very core of Minnesota, adding an expensive photo ID program and provisional balloting requirements should not be on the table. These photo IDs are “free” to the voter but will cost millions to the state and local governments.  

Government should be on the side of the voter and should not impose unnecessary obstacles to voting. 

Sandra Reuther

Breezy Point


League of Women Voters of the Brainerd Lakes Area 

Sarah Nelson
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