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Open forum: Other people’s money

The class envy crowd is really rolling these days, led by the envier-in-chief who longs for fairness in our society. Of course, those who long for fairness are allowed to define it, as they define so many other things to their advantage. The lamentations about the distribution of wealth in our society smack of the deadly sin of envy — the feeling that the rich don’t deserve what they have and it’s alright to take it away from them — for the greater good of course.

The envier-in-chief, is also the misrepresenter-in-chief as he provides a completely negative spin to the proposal of Rep. Ryan and a completely positive spin to his own plans for greater redistribution of income.  Our President has implied that the deficit can be reduced and the debt paid down if only the “rich” will sacrifice a “little more” so we can have all the government benefits we’re used to receiving.

The dirty secret is that unless spending is significantly — and I do mean significantly — reduced for the long term, all the wealth owned by the all rich won’t fix the problem. The middle class is also going to take it in the ear big time, because they are the only other group paying any taxes!

Margaret Thatcher was absolutely correct when she observed the only problem with socialism is that sooner or later you run out of other peoples’ money.

Peter D. Abler