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Open Forum: Conflict of interest issues

The Brainerd City Council and Crow Wing Board of Commissioners are spending a great deal of time on the $135.000 possible conflict of Interest issue with the airport. And the overall airport project is about $7 Million dollars. 

As I read in the Dispatch this morning I smiled and wondered to myself: Will the city or county stop construction of the airport improvements or will the discussion drag on until the airport project is completed? Mr. Fitzpatrick I hope you study this until Aug. 2! I am with Rachel Reabe all the way. But I can’t vote for her.

As residents of southern Cass County we can only observe this ongoing harassment of and amongst your elected officials nor can we be considered for a board position on the Airport Commission.

The same predicament is true when the Rotary invited folks to “Tell us what you like about Brainerd Lakes Area” but the cities of East Gull Lake and Lake Shore were excluded. Yet we can fly in and out of Brainerd Lakes Regional Airport and we can belong to Rotary. Now those are more real conflicts of Interest, in my opinion.

I only wish the city and county would spend this much time on ways to create jobs. Recently I observed two wonderful young couples leave the area for Portland to find better employment opportunities for both husband and wife. Those situations deserve serious discussions.

Peter Mann

Lake Shore

Cass County