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Open Forum: Sharing the pain

Kathleen Parker (Dispatch April 11, 2011) wrote somewhat sarcastically about how she envisions liberals talking about conservatives, that is, with a lot of ridicule, slander, and sarcasm. In actuality, I think she has it exactly reversed: Party Republicans interact to Democrats not only with sarcasm, but condescension.

When I watch Tim Pawlenty answer independents or liberals, his smile of condescension looks to me like someone trying to get out of explaining to a 4-year-old where babies come from. That’s rude. (But he was rude while he was governor. Many people didn’t realize that, because they were distracted by his smiling.)

More often than not, one can learn what Party Republicans (PRs) are up to, because it’ll be exactly what they’re accusing liberals of.

But back to the point: after plunging the U.S. and somewhat the world into recession because of thievery and manipulation, why isn’t anyone in jail? Minnesota has introduced a bill making it a felony to film and expose animal abuses, yet people can steal billions and trillions and neither the Bush nor Obama administrations are willing to do a darn thing about it.

PRs and Teas are howling about the deficits and national debt, yet they are loath to go after those that actually caused it, and try to get some of our money back, either through forfeiture, or additional taxations.

Instead, they try to hold up “business” as a model for running governments. From what “business” has shown, they can’t even run a business without special legal benefits, and taxpayer bailouts.

Not only that, but businesses are run as dictatorships, not democracies.

They’re telling us we’ll all face “cuts” to get the national budget under control. Share the pain, they say. Tax “cuts” for the wealthy, assistance “cuts” for the poor. Very fair, eh?

A. Martin