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Open forum: Terrified of GOP plans

Like many of you my age, I feel fortunate to receive Medicare that I have been qualified for and have received benefits from several times over the years since I turned 65 over 12 years ago. Without Medicare I would not be alive today. I am sure there are many of you in the same situation. That is why I am terrified about the new Medicare plan being promoted by the Republicans in Congress right now. They want to put these health care programs in the hands of the private insurance companies.  That is like the “Fox Watching The Hen House.”

What is even more scary is that the Republicans plan to remove 14 million seniors and people with disabilities who currently rely on Medicaid for health coverage and funding for long term care (like nursing homes) would not be able to afford critical coverage. House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan claims he is trying to save money, but he is going after programs that save lives. 

When did Congress decide that my health was marginal and the insurance industry executives and corporate CEOs needed more money? One of the first things Congress did after the election was pass another trillion dollars in tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires. But now they say we cannot afford Medicare and Medicaid and have to “Privatize” them. Is this the order of our priorities?

Charlie Rike

Pine City