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Open Forum: Tea Party to the rescue

Why is the city of Baxter involved in Kuepers Inc. building Sprucewood Townhomes? City governments should not be involved in regulating housing projects, or raising taxes to pay for a single company’s project, or zoning, or permits, or regulating architecture. The state government should not issue tax credits to some businesses and not others. 

If the state of Minnesota is out of money, where did the Statewide Health Improvement Program get the $7,500 to grant to the Brainerd Park Department?

Instead of police policing litter, why not give people in jails something to do?

The real reason why Democrats are against voter IDs: No more votes from illegal aliens or frauds.

Democrats do a good job of hiding their intentions, by merely accusing Republicans of doing, and saying, exactly what Democrats are doing and saying.

The U.S. government is adding more regulations to airlines. We now need more protection from losing our bags, being bumped and hold time. Anybody ever heard of competition? Progressives are trying to regulate the airline industry to death. They could, just, call for the nationalization of the airlines. Then we’d have the choice of flying United States Air or nothing at all. After all, that’s what every Socialist country, in the world, does.

The United Nations has declared April 22, International Mother Earth Day. To those who worship Gaia, this is Christmas, Halloween and April Fools, all rolled into one. Christmas, because they feel good about giving presents to a being as real as Santa Claus. Halloween, because they can hide their real agenda behind masks to scare away evil spirits, like conservatives. April Fools, because they’re only fooling themselves.

Fortunately, for the country, the Tea Party will do something about putting politicians in jail who steal billions and trillions from the American people.

Bill Maxfield