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Open Forum: A night of generosity and thanks

On Monday in Tornstrom after the annual Brainerd High School Senior Recognition program, a proud parent remarked “Look at all these givers!  They’re givers, not takers.  Look at all these givers!” The parent was referring to the presenters and the scholarships they represented. It feels right to say thanks for the generosity shown in our community. 

I have seen some of the same presenters return to this event year after year. I have watched them walk to a microphone and celebrate a young life with a scholarship given from our community to our next generation. It’s a hopeful night, an encouraging night, and a way we remind ourselves that we have a legacy to uphold and a future to protect. It’s a night when we celebrate the memory of some who were lost too soon or whose legacy is, in part, shared through a gift to a deserving student. As these givers read off name after name of wonderful, bright, optimistic children, we had a brief chance to celebrate this hopefulness here, right here in Brainerd, and know our schools and our community are supporting the growth and the development of our children in ways which should anchor our pride and increase our loyalty to each other.  

I was proud to witness the night, prouder still of the students, parents, teachers, staff, and community affording us reasons to celebrate. Good luck to all our scholarship and award recipients, and thanks, presenters, for the generous gifts given to these great young people. 

Steve Razidlo

Brainerd School District superintendent