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Open forum: A physical impossibility

The concept of “same-sex marriage” is similar to the concept of a “square circle” — both are physical impossibilities. Two people of the same gender have every right to enter into a relationship, involving promises to each other, a formal ceremony, and even with certain legal rights. And the state could grant certain rights and privileges to such a relationship. But to call that relationship a marriage is inaccurate. That is fact, not just an opinion. The unalterable law of life — plant, animal or human — (with few exceptions) is that the union of male and female is required to reproduce life. That is the reality on which marriage is based by the Creator of all life.

Two women or two men currently have the right to enter into a special relationship, with legal protection and possibly some special rights, if they so choose. There is no basis, legal or moral, for them to require that society recognize that relationship as a marriage. To decline to recognize that relationship as a marriage is neither wrong nor discriminatory.

Another reality sheds some significant light on this controversial issue. In states, such as Massachusetts, or countries, such as Sweden, where same-sex “marriage” has been legalized, the number of people availing themselves of that law is worth considering. At first there was a great rush to “get married.” Then two things happened: The numbers getting “married” rapidly declined, and the unions were often of short duration. I am aware of the divorce rate in this country, but that is the fault of the marriage partners, (and to some extent, society itself) not the design of the relationship.

I continue to applaud Senators Gazelka and Limmer for their helpful legislation.

Dwight Johnson