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Missing Breezy Point man found safe

Open Forum: Putting the airport issue to rest

When I was a senior officer in the Air Force, we received periodic ethics briefings that included extensive discussions and guidance on conflicts of interest. The bottom line was we were expected to avoid even the appearance of a conflict of interest. There is definitely the appearance of an actual or potential conflict in this case — even though the conflict is through no action taken by the individual.

While I personally do not believe there is a conflict of interest in the Brainerd Airportgate, I also believe a leave of absence (if that is an option) or outright resignation from the airport commission by the individual in question is the only option that will put this issue to rest. 

I also don’t believe the actions of a number of protagonists in this issue have served the public interest very well. That’s probably the most disappointing part of this whole situation.

Peter D. Abler