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Open forum: Thoughts on various issues

If you pay a private railroad company $957 million, they will build a lot more than 11 miles of railroad. How many jobs were lost when the business portion of that money was taxed away? Since the state and federal governments are broke, where did they get the $957 million?

It’s not possible for conservatives to “demonize” progressives. Those who are, purposely, trying to destroy America, are, already, demons. Conservatives practice real debate, discussion and free speech, not the progressive ideal of “discipline.” Progressives tell people to “shut up” and “get back.” What part, of our political thinking, do we want “disciplined?”

The First Amendment says: “Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of the press.” Since “government funding” equals government control, government funding of PBS is unconstitutional. Jefferson did not say that our democratic society would only work if the electorate was half-informed by the Progressive slant. That’s all we get when any media is funded by the government.

A better baseball story: Say all Americans were playing baseball in four adjacent parks, and the parks were separated by magic screens that only allowed baseballs to go from ballpark 1 to ballpark 2 to 3 to 4, but never the other direction. When the players, in ballpark 1, run out of balls, they invent a ball substitute and keep playing. And, they get rich selling synthetic baseballs. Players in ballpark 2 invent a process for remanufacturing their used balls into new ones. They get rich selling new balls with low supply costs. And, the players in ballpark 3 get rich because their skilled play draws higher attendance to their games. Instead of wealth (the number of baseballs) being static and needing redistribution, with freedom, entrepreneurship and capitalism, the supply of baseballs grows, everybody wins, and everyone gets rich.

Bill Maxfield