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Open Forum: Stop the Debt Train

Ryan’s plan will not raise the debt. Provisions include a $620 billion annual cut from Obama’s budget. That’s the equivalent of the usual budget deal between Republicans and Democrats. Another provision is the turning over of Medicaid to the states to run. The federal government would distribute its share of Medicaid funds as block grants to the States. People, who are under 55 today, and would be eligible for Medicare in 2022, will then, use the same health care program Congress uses today. Tax reform would include eliminating loopholes and lowering the top tax bracket to 25 percent. 

Should taxes be raised on the wealthy? Check the Laffer Curve. Is it a charade to say that we can cut our way out of debt? Democrats think the only way, to get out of debt, is to raise taxes. Republicans say it’s to cut spending. Is there room to compromise? It’s foolish to believe Democrats would negotiate spending cuts in good faith. Democrats won’t be satisfied with, just, closing loopholes, such as eliminating ethanol subsidies. Because, closing loopholes are not tax increases.

One Tea Party organization, such as the Tea Party Founding Fathers, does not speak for all Tea Parties around the Country. Boehner and Ryan are attempting to stop the debt train before it reaches the chasm, and to, slowly, back it up. Some Tea Partiers would accept a raise in the debt ceiling if it were accompanied by substantial cuts. Some Tea Partiers want the debt ceiling left where it is. And, some Tea Partiers wouldn’t be satisfied unless the debt ceiling was lowered. Although individual Tea Partiers have their own opinions, the Tea Party does not take a stand on gays in the military. The Tea Party does not oppose everything Obama. That would be a full-time job.

Bill Maxfield