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Open Forum: ‘Airportgate’ headline is criticized

I have followed the news in our local paper and one subject in particular caught my attention.

Airportgate: I was disappointed and quite surprised that Matt Erickson (Staff Writer) chose to make this a political issue. You might suggest that Matt did not do this, however by his very choice of words “Airportgate” he did just that. For our young readers that are not aware of what “gate” connected to an incident represents, I can tell you. The term “gate” (Watergate, remember?) brought down the presidency of Richard Nixon. Since that time it has been used to conjure up pictures of people doing what they please because, somehow, they are above the law.

Anyone reading this commentary that know Kuepers in any way know, also, that Kuepers are well respected. Kuepers built up a really good business by being good citizens and exhibiting community leadership qualities. They use the golden rule and act as they would like their neighbors to act. (I drew those terms from your website... “How to participate online.”) Well, Matt, I might ask if you were being a good citizen and exhibiting community leadership qualities. Did you use the golden rule, Matt? Did you act as you would like your neighbors to act?

Are there not better things going on in our Brainerd lakes area that we can read about?

Dottie Angier


EDITOR’S NOTE: The headline was written by an editor and not Erickson.

Becca Clemens
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