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Open Forum: Health care is confusing

These days the medical industry is so complex, we find it useful to have a third party intermediary between the patient and doctor.

Sometimes I can clarify in my own mind what’s going on in a situation by simplifying a picture to just its essential elements. I fill in the details and fuzz later.

Administrative costs for Medicare run something like 2 percent.

Administrative costs for privatized insurance run 20-25 percent. This includes costs for advertising, marketing, profits, executive “bonuses,”and all the rest.

Imagine Medicare, where the government stands between my doctor and me. The doctor charges $80 for a procedure, Medicare pays it, adds their 2 percent, and charges me $82.

Imagine privatized, where a for-profit insurance company stands between my doctor and me. The doctor charges $80, the insurance company pays it, adds their 25 percent, and charges me $100.

Party Republicans are trying to scare the bejesus out of everyone concerning health care. What’s in it for them?

The more detailed arguments concerning health care, pro and con, are so confusing. Many of the claims either way are generalities that no one’s bothered to prove, or that can only be proven one way or the other by actually trying whatever cockamamie scheme someone’s talking about.

Now I see why party Republicans are so frantic trying to keep health care “privatized” through private insurances. It’s money for them! Might they lie to protect it? Remember “death panels”, and many other lies?

I’ve had privatized health care, and now have Medicare. I’ve had fewer problems with Medicare, even though I’ve had some terrible experiences with other government agencies (Not medically related. Don’t get me started! Minnesota and Crow Wing County governments hate children and fathers!).

A. Martin