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Open forum: Strong regulations needed

Let’s use a physician’s approach to diagnosing the cause of the massive, deadly tornado outbreaks. Doctors always search for one common thread that can explain all symptoms and treat for that disease. It works almost every time. There is simply not time or money to analyze every possible combination of diseases that may have simultaneously occurred. The patient would be dead. The rule that doctors follow is called Occam’s Razor and it applies to diagnosing our planet.

Isaac Newton stated the rule: “We are to admit no more causes of natural things than such as are both true and sufficient to explain their appearances.” So the question that all heads of local and state governments should be asking is: What one climatic event can simultaneously explain massive tornado outbreaks, thousand year floods, Alpine glaciers disappearing on all continents, sea levels rising, record heat, droughts in the rainforests, permafrost melting, national forests and thousands of species dead and extinct, ice blocks the size of small states floating in the Pacific? Gee I wonder, could it be global warming.

Any competent chemist can explain if you apply steady heat like the sun to an atmosphere containing  CO2  with a constant ability to absorb heat, then increase the concentration of CO2, you will increase the temperature of that atmosphere.

James Hanson longtime NASA director stated that a healthy atmosphere for Earth has no more than 350 ppm of CO2. We have risen from 280 to 391 ppm (NOAA, Jan 2011) in the last hundred years. This engine is red-lining folks. Time to let off the accelerator.

Things to stop doing are: eating beef, wasting electricity at home and work, driving gas hogs, draining wetlands.

Things to start doing: call local, state, and federal officials often and demand strong regulations. 

Neal Lesmeister