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Open Forum: Those spoiled rotten brats

 I remember last fall after the elections, when all of the votes were tallied and the winners were seated. I told my son. “This is a recipe for failure if there was ever one.” A Republican legislative body and a Democratic governor and neither one is going to back down. I wasn’t being prophetic in any sense of the word. I was just saying what everybody was thinking and wishing wouldn’t happen, but didn’t want to say.

But that’s politics my friends. They can shut down the government of the state of Minnesota and inconvenience all of its citizens, but they care less. They care only about their own political agendas and it’s all about them winning and not losing — and not how it affects us. We are the pawns in this political game that is being played out all over this country.

Behaving like spoiled rotten brats that want their own way, is not what we wanted from them but it’s what we got. How it plays out from here on will be anyone’s guess because now were in the “How can we get out of this and still look good part of the game.” Well you can’t legislators, because you showed your true colors in the last session and as much as we knew it was coming and somehow hoped it wouldn’t. Now we know better.

Mike Holst