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Open Forum:What’s going on in the ocean?

I was listening to some oceanographers discussing some of the things going on in the ocean the other day they were discussing the results of oil spills and the likelihood that it will take several decades for the results to be fully apparent. At this time there are several different views on what will be the final effects of the gulf oil spill. 

Then they got off the subject and mentioned that they didn’t know what the final outcome of the fact that the oceans acidity is rising and that could have other effects on the gulf and that many different forces were affecting the oceans. They were talking about all the effects that we will feel if the ocean loses its ability to produce food, and the questions, it may have on weather as we change its make-up. We know that fossil fuels are a major source of the acidity. We have a strong lobby for the increased use of fossil fuels, coupled with a number of pro-pollution congressmen and senators.

I believe that we need to have a strong research program to find nonpolluting forms of energy. That we require all new combat equipment be designed for a change of power sources so that any newly procured equipment could be retro fitted to another source. Hydrogen is one that comes to mind as it can be used to clean water as it produces energy; however we know that on the sea floor we have life forms that do not use oxygen to live and use what comes out of the vents on the sea floor as their energy source. We could have abundant sources of energy available if we knew how to use them, gasoline and diesel didn’t arrive without research and processing.

Jesse Nix