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Open Forum: Dayton is not supreme

Gov. Dayton stated on TV Thursday that it was the job of the Legislature to bring him a budget bill he could sign. I have news for the governor. The Legislature, both House and Senate, are the representatives that we, the citizens of Minnesota, elected to represent us. Their job is to send the governor a bill that we the citizens want. This state does not belong to Gov. Dayton, rather to the citizens and our representatives and senators. Dayton also states that it is the job of the Legislature to meet him halfway. Wrong again. If he feels the Legislature should meet him halfway, then perhaps he should submit legislation to that effect so that the Legislature can bring him a budget that is double what they want. Our current Legislature submitted a bare bones budget designed on what we the electorate, sent them to do. We talk to our legislators on a regular basis and they bring you what we want.  You embarrassed the state of Minnesota in Washington D.C., we won’t allow you to do it here on our own turf. Also, your DFL philosophy of cutting the essential employees first, ie. state troopers, game wardens, won’t fly with the citizens. We won’t rebel against our legislators as you would want but we will remember you at election time. Cut the game playing and do your job properly. You are not governor supreme.

Charlie Makidon


Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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