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Open Forum: We’re not that stupid

How stupid do the Republicans think we are? During their last administration, they were already engaged in one war and they started a second unnecessary one costing billions of dollars a month. We destroyed another country and are now rebuilding it while our own infrastructure is crumbling. Two wars with unbid contracts, big business subsidies and tax cuts for the richest citizens created most of the current deficit. It was also their idea for the first billions in bailouts to the too-big-to-fail industries that they refused to regulate. Now they want to reduce spending and don’t care if the government has to shut down?

All they talk about is reducing the deficit with cuts to education, safety and health care, etc. for the working class. They want to revamp or eliminate Medicare and Social Security we have paid into that was supposed to be a secure trust fund. But they won’t even consider eliminating the tax cuts to the rich because they create jobs. Where are all the jobs that were created over the past decade while they enjoyed their lower taxes?  

We got no increase in Social Security for two years while the price of everything is rising but we are supposed to sacrifice to help the economy which was already in recession under their watch.  

 What they don’t talk about is ending billions of dollars in foreign aid each year to 154 different countries or bringing back jobs that have been sent overseas for cheaper labor and tax benefits.  

And now they want us to give them back control so they can resume selling their votes and allow big business to regulate the government? I don’t think so.  

Julie Pawlak


Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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