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Open Forum: Any suggestions for this budget?

Hope makes $9.50 per hour and works 40 hours per week. Her gross income is $1,520 per month. Hope has two children, one in school and one who needs daycare. These are her expenses: $540 rent/house payment; $100 weekly daycare; $65 mandatory car insurance; $100 weekly budget food and luxuries like Tampax, toilet paper; drives 15 miles to work each way. Gas close to $4 per gallon.

The total now is over the $1,520 monthly income. Hope receives WIC and state funded health care for herself and her children at minimal cost. The GOP would like to cut programs such as health care, raise co-pays and cut monies to programs like WIC and government funded health care. At one time Hope made $13 per hour, however now she has no hope of increasing her hourly wage because the GOP and others plan to eliminate collective bargaining rights.

The GOP has appointed themselves the gods of balancing the budget, and since they have had such great success with this over the last 12 years perhaps they will address this family’s budget problems in a response in writing to the Dispatch. Several years ago I wrote a similar letter requesting Gazelka, Pawlenty and others to do this, to my shock no one responded. Why is that?

Now is your chance to help Hope budget, while you raise her co-pays, cut her insurance and gas is rising. Also set up a plan for her children to go to school.

Deb Halsted