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Open Forum: Guns in the classroom

A 17-year-old boy was arrested for bringing a gun to his high school in St. Paul. There would be fewer school shootings if those students, who had passed a police training course, where allowed to concealed carry to class.

If Minnesota can’t balance its budget, where did the DNR get $7,750 to grant for inspecting boats at public landings? Why not have hoses, at boat ramps, to wash off invasive species, as the boats come up?

Dayton vetoed the Republicans’ budget because he wants to punish the rich. The members of the DFL know that increasing taxes won’t work, and is not necessary to balance the State budget. And, “Temporary” surtaxes are never temporary. There is no way that the DFL will go along with lowering business taxes, because, like all socialists, they believe that business is evil, and must be destroyed. Like-wise, they have never met a tax that they would be willing to let sunset. If 120 medical jobs will be lost in Brainerd by the Republican budget, many more jobs will be saved by leaving the money in the hands of taxpayers.

Republicans in the Minnesota State House should realize that the Political Contribution Refund Program should not be reinstated. They were elected to clean up government. What is more of a dirty trick, on taxpayers, than to give their money to candidates they think will harm the State? Our money will, again, be used against us.

A Minnesota law requires that corporations and unions must disclose where the money comes from when they contribute to a political campaign. What harm can come from that? Disclosure forms can be so long, complex and expensive to fill out, that they become an excessive burden on an organization. This can cost money and manpower, and decrease the contribution.

Bill Maxfield