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Open Forum: Education not breakfast

I read in the paper this morning about a school district that wants to take unused space and convert it into some kind of a play facility and a day care. I listen everyday to reports of school funding being cut and bigger classes and laid off teachers but yet this district wants to spend money on this.

In the perfect liberal world our children would be taken from us at birth and given back to us at graduation as a finished product. They would be the best and smartest kids ever because in the eyes of the liberal world only they know how to properly raise and educate our children. 

The schools have a curriculum to teach and that curriculum should not contain day care and, feeding them breakfast, and making sure they have their shots and vitamins and worrying about what is going on in their homes that has nothing to do with education. That is the job of parents and guardians.

To the legislators that mandate all of these intrusive practices to the schools your entitlement programs have contributed greatly to this fiscal mess we are in. Not just in the schools, but in our everyday lives. People were doing just fine before your meddling came along and contributed greatly to creating this welfare society we live in. I know because I lived here before it existed. If you can't find something better to do with your time then go home. This country is broke and you better realize that pretty soon or more than your entitlement programs are going to suffer.

Mike Holst