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Open Forum: Worries are out of proportion


I continue to be astonished at the notion that restoring a 2 percent tax on incomes of more than $250,000  to balance to our state’s budget, is somehow “punishing the rich.”

We were taught, and still teach our children from the earliest stages of their lives, to “share” with others.  All of our holy books preach some version of “if you have two coats, give one to him who has no coat.”  

When I was a kid, Scrooge McDuck was an object of ridicule for hoarding all of his riches. And he was always angry and unhappy.  

So where does this nonsense come from, that somehow requiring those who benefit most from the abundance of our economic system are victimized by being asked to pay the same share of their riches as those who benefit the least are already paying? 

I have even seen it written in some commentaries and letters to the editor, that unless we continue to allow the top 2 percent of earners to pay less than the 98 percent of the rest of us, they will take their riches and move away to some other state that lets them continue to hoard all their wealth.

Who are these greedy folks, who the letter writers are so frightened by? I haven’t met any of them. Somehow it seems out of proportion to suggest that an extra payment of $1,000 a year will chase away anyone who clears $300,000 a year in income.

Let’s get real.

Meg Bye

Pequot Lakes 

MEG BYE was the DFL candidate for the Minnesota House District 4B seat in 2008 and 2010.