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Get off your political stump

A government shutdown is imminent. And why? Our leaders in the parties are insisting their way is the only way, and that the other party is totally wrong. Compromise is not a tool for them. Oh yes, they throw that word around but they don’t use it — all hammer, no nail.

Every single person sitting in an elected seat needs to remember this; you  

were not elected with 100 percent of the vote. You were lucky if you won 60 percent of the vote — and there were those who didn’t vote at all, so the percent of people who voted for you is even less than you think.

With that in mind, you have no right at all to demand that every single  aspect of your ideas and philosophy be accepted lock, stock and barrel. You  represent those who voted for you, but you also represent those who voted for someone else. You also represent those who didn’t vote at all.

It is your job and your duty to work out policies and laws that, and please  allow me to quote a rather familiar phrase, promote the general welfare. You  represent all of the people in your district, your region, your backyard.   

You represent those who revere you and those who laugh at you behind your back. You represent the white collar, the blue collar, the church-goer, the  bar-frequenter, the gay community, the young, the old, the veteran, the  educated, the medically challenged. Get my point?

To hold the job you have requires you to get off your political stump and get the job done. For everyone. Anything less is unacceptable.

Charles Johnson

Brainerd, Minnesota