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Open Forum: What it means to live united

What does it mean to be a community? According to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, the definition of community is, “a unified body of individuals.”  What does this mean to us? It means that individually we are just one, but together we make up our community.  

Dig in your pocket right now and pull out a quarter. Look at the back of the quarter.  You will find the words, “E pluribus Unum” which mean, “out of many comes one.” Our forefathers understood unity. That quarter represents a very simple thought and the basis of United Way.

We know a quarter is worth 25 cents. In today’s world that 25 cents doesn’t have much buying power. Back when I was a young child, my grandmother would give me a quarter to purchase candy. Back in the early 1980s a quarter would buy us a whole bag full of candy that would last us a week! Today, that same quarter won’t be enough to purchase one candy bar!  

If each of us donated one quarter today we could feed 450 families in our community. Individually that quarter might not have much impact, but as a community when we put all of our quarters together we have a huge impact.

That’s what it means to live united. If you give just a minimal amount to United Way, it may not seem like a lot individually, but when we put our individual giving together, we can have a large impact on the people of our community; our friends, family members, coworkers and neighbors.

So, why give to United Way? Because you can make a difference. Your donation no matter how big or small has an impact when united with others.  

E pluribus unum.

Monica Nieman

Executive Director

United Way of Crow Wing and Southern Cass Counties