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Open Forum: Let’s rename the GOP

Someone suggested to me that the GOP — Grand Old Party — should be renamed Greedy Old Party. This is because they care only for protecting the wealthiest of Minnesotans. They have no heart, for they put the whole state into anxiety with their shutdown antics. Their economic policies hurt the poor and middle classes. In addition, their stubbornness to stick to GOP orders clearly amounts to political bullying. We see this here and nationally.

Thankfully we have thoughtful Democrats (Ward and Dayton) who can be trusted to do what is best for us. 

Every day the GOP bullies the citizens, we have that much more reason to vote them out next time. 

Additionally, citizens must understand that the GOP’s are tricky with their words — we can’t be fooled by their lofty language of fake moral superiority. So when you see them in public, give them a piece of your mind — but be courteous — though that may be hard to do. In addition, since these GOP legislators and their families apparently are not hurting financially like you are, give your business to those merchants who really appreciate it and deserve it.

M. Fritz Bertelt