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Open Forum: Gazelka is trying to stop Dayton

 I want to commend Paul Gazelka for his efforts to stop the tax and spend mentality of Mark Dayton. The top 5 percent of Minnesota people  already pay 43 percent of the total state income tax. If we tax them harder they will leave Minnesota,

I know I would. Then my question is who will want to make up that income tax? It will be the next income level down which will be a large burden on the rest of us. Paul Gazelka is truly working for generations to come so they will be able to enjoy the prosperities that we have enjoyed. These are hard  decisions and some people will not like the pain, but we must slow down and cut the spending of our government and begin to retrain people to be less dependent on the government and more self-sufficient. We have made it too easy to to just accept the taxpayer money from the government. It is time reform our government before it is too late. When taxpayer population gets reduced the tax relieving population will really suffer. When the private businesses get tired of paying the taxes and complying with all the state and city mandates to build a building and move to another state who will make up that loss in tax revenue? What will unemployment do? Government jobs do not reduce unemployment costs only defer them to another liability. I cannot afford to be taxed any more, and will support any legislator 100 percent who works to stop the spending. Mark Dayton is in office until 2014, and he is banking on  the general public will not remember this budget debate, plus I am betting that he will try to put blame on the Legislature to swing the 2012 voters.

Keith Bartlett

Fort Ripley