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Open Forum: A lesson in life

I recently lost my wife of 50 years to cancer. As I reflected back on the times we had together I couldn't help but think about what a unique partnership we had. How we had parented three children, who now are working on their own relationships and I have been told by them that they want nothing more out of their marriages than mom and I had. That we had supplied the pattern and all they had to do was put the pieces together. Then I thought — we too had good examples to follow and therein lays the credit.

My reason for writing this wasn't to toot my own horn. It was to draw attention to what can happen when love and respect between a couple are the building blocks for your life together with your mate. I see way too many people who bring children into this world conceived in lust and selfish desires.  The birth announcements in the paper with only the mother’s name mentioned, or two different last names, are testimony to that. Success begets success in matters of the heart and human character building. How you raise your child will have a lot to do with how they will raise their children. That's hard to do when you are struggling and just trying to survive. It's hard enough in today's world, with a loving spouse.

I once saw two cornfields, one lush and vibrant and one stunted and sick looking. They both were growing in the same soil and I asked the farmer why the big difference. “Well,” he explained, “first you have to have good seed but more important then that, is how you care for the crop. You must be attentive to its needs. It takes more than good intentions” 

Mike Holst