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Open Forum: Exposing the lies

Republicans continue to repeat lies in the hopes that people will believe them. We must expose these lies before the tea party and their Republican supporters destroy our nation.

Lie No. 1 — The nation is broke. Truth — Corporate wealth is at its highest level in history. One U.S. corporation has accumulated more wealth than the United States of America.

Lie No. 2 — The wealthy owe us nothing. Truth — The wealthy owe their fair share of tax revenue. No one is asking them to pay more than that. We pay our fair share but are burdened with a higher amount because they are favored with a lower tax rate.

Lie No. 3 — Lowering taxes on businesses and giving tax incentives create jobs. Truth — There’s only one reason jobs are created. That happens when there is an increase in the demand for the product or service a business offers. No business can afford or desire to create a job for any other reason.

Lie No. 4 — Democrats refuse to compromise. Truth — It is the Tea Party and their Republican cohorts who have signed pledges that lock them into voting only one way. No governing body can succeed unless both sides are willing to compromise. 

Jeffrey Everson  

Little Falls