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Open Forum: A great plan

Congress passes a jobs bill. All the monies to be directed toward infrastructure, especially roads and bridges. This is a big plan like a 2012 version of the WPA. Thousands and thousands will be put back to work. In turn they’ll pay taxes on their incomes and spend the rest. What a boost for the economy.

Meanwhile, we need changes in legislative policies, without drastic changes. The gap between the haves and the have nots will continue to widen.

Maybe as a back-up benefit to all that bridge construction, plans could include enclosing those sloped areas (you know those areas either side of the road surface under the bridge deck). Install heaters for winter occupancy and a restroom or two would be nice. Presto! Homeless shelters. What a bargain. New bridges for those with cars and homes for those with no cars. They’ll probably become known as “no man’s lands” because no human should have to live there, but more and more will.

J. Carlson