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Missing Breezy Point man found safe

Open Forum: Balance the budget fairly

As a public school employee, I am very concerned about the education proposals put forth by the GOP Legislature. They plan to balance the budget by taking funds from our kids with special needs, kids of color and kids who live in poverty. This will cause our community to continue to raise property taxes to fund a basic level of education. It is time for the wealthiest Minnesotans to pay their fair share to protect our state from losing the high quality of life that makes this such a great place to live and raise children. 

I am also very disappointed to see the Republicans pass Wisconsin type attacks on unions and our basic civil right to collectively bargain. Public employees provide a valuable service and we work hard to give students the best education in the nation. It is shameful that Republicans are using this budget crisis to blame public employees and take away our voice in the workplace. 

The Legislature should do its job and balance the budget fairly, and stop  attacks on the people who serve our students, community and state.

Marie Rosa

Pequot Lakes