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Open Forum: Run the Legislature like a business

The last legislative session in our state, like many before it, was a waste of time and the taxpayer’s money. It was just another example of political gridlock in action, between two greedy political parties that take our money to sponsor their turf wars. There has been little talk since the session ended about what if anything they accomplished for the people, but lots of talk about what they accomplished for their political parties. Who won and who lost.

When I was managing a business operation we would have meetings each week, amongst the department leaders to discuss our goals and how we could accomplish them. We had a time limit on how long we would meet and we had an agenda. The most important things on the agenda would be discussed first and somebody’s pet projects would be discussed after that, but not until we took care of the important business first.

That’s what our legislators need is an agenda that has the budget first and foremost. If they can’t solve that, then nothing else gets done either. With no bacon to take home to the voters the feedback from the voters would be unbearable. The legislators have proven to us, on more then one occasion, that they need direction and this agenda would give them that.

I just realized that there is one thing wrong with this approach. They would have to vote on it. Well this was a foolish waste of time wasn’t it? What was I thinking? 

Mike Holst


Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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