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Let’s give credit to the Tea Party

Rep. Ward highlights Minnesota’s educated work force as “one of many” ways Minnesota is attractive to business, and what business doesn’t value access to a young, intelligent motivated work force? Perhaps if the atmosphere were tainted by overregulation and higher taxation on wealthy investors and corporations, an educated work force may not be the first priority in choosing where to open up shop. While higher education is cranking out bright minds, our colleges and universities do not create the economy: they provide those of us who are entering the work force with the skills to secure a job and earn a living. 

How often must your constituents hold up their copy of a taxable income breakdown chart and point out that the top 10 percent pay 70  percent of total tax revenue in the United States? I implore you to employ more accurate diction and most of all, facts. You call for the Republicans in Congress to “ask” millionaires to pay the same “amount” of taxes that middle class Minnesota middle class families pay, implying that they have an option to decline your request. Those making $34,501 to $83,600 pay 25 percent income tax equaling $8,625 to $20,900 a year. Those making $174,401 and up pay 33-35 percent income tax and pay a minimum of $43,600 a year and are among the top 10 percent paying 70 percent of all taxes according to the IRS.

Finally, the tone of your statement compliments the misinformation it contains. If you would like to blame Tea Party Republicans, do so accurately by crediting them for making the unpleasant decision to scale back spending and balance the budget. Advertise their ability to do what our United States Congress cannot, and exploit their willingness to do what is right, not what is popular. 

Andrew Campbell

CLC student


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