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Open Forum: Quit complaining

To the person or persons complaining about paying taxes on their seasonal properties, you had a choice to purchase this seasonal property (usually a second property for most). No one forced you to buy it. You were informed and made aware there would be taxes on this seasonal property. We all know this. Like everything else, they go up.

Your property taxes do not pay for the operation levies, as the editor wrote in the paper.

You are lucky you can afford a second property and be fortunate you have a place to get away.

Many of us are struggling just to keep staying at our one and only property and do not have the luxury to “get away” to our seasonal place of paradise!

Be thankful for what you have, appreciate it and quit complaining. Many of us would love to trade places with you and have and enjoy what you have.

Laurie Olson

Rural Brainerd