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Open Forum: The shack near North Long Lake

Years ago there was a large resort on the west side of Highway 371. The resort was not located on a lake, but had access to the land across the road on North Long Lake. The fisherman used the lake for fishing so the resort put some docks in for them. To make it easier for them in cleaning their fish, a building was built for them near the water’s edge. Back in the 70s or years earlier, there was very little traffic on the highway. With the increase of traffic over the years, the road had to be widened so that meant the highway divided the property more. Years later, with no lake to count on for fishing, the resort went out of business. I don’t know if that was the main reason or not. 

And the cabins were sold off, but not the strip on the lake. Over the years the fish cleaning shack with little to no maintenance came to the point of deterioration. 

Just a piece of history to some, but an eyesore to many. I understand the building cannot be torn down or gotten rid of because it’s located on private property. So will it be treated like anything from the past? It will fall to decay and then will be missed by some.

Lydia M. Loven

Pequot Lakes