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Open Forum: False statements on lawmakers

I wish to respond to the Open Forum letter of Aug. 28 headlined “LeMieur and Gazelka Divide Us.” The letter writer states that “our property taxes will go up,” because Rep. LeMieur and Sen. Gazelka voted for a balanced state budget. That statement is false.

There were no bills in the 2011 session to raise taxes. Property taxes are the prerogatives of local units of government. It is up to local officials to determine if they want new revenue or not.

Many cities and counties are not, I repeat — not, raising property taxes. I would remind the writer to visit with his own city officials of Randall and the city of Pierz for the facts. Both the Dispatch and Morrison County Record have dutifully reported the fact that these two cities have not raised property taxes for several years. Some cities are even reducing their property tax levies! There are indeed responsible fiscal managers and officials of local governments. We applaud them for responsible fiscal governance.

The writer lauds Gov. Dayton's tax bill, but fails to mention the fact that Dayton's proposals to significantly increase state spending and taxes, did not get a single “Yes” vote from either the DFL or Republicans in the House! That's how irresponsible Dayton's proposal was.

Finally, the writer engages in typical DFL class warfare rhetoric. He says, “LeMieur and Gazelka chose to represent billionaires.” That statement is not only false, but ridiculous! There are only four or five Minnesotans in the billionaire category. I would “bet the farm” that neither LeMieur nor Gazelka, know any of them.

LeMieur and Gazelka were fiscally responsible in voting for a state budget that was balanced. They know that raising taxes in a “down economy” kills jobs.

Patty Wilczek


Morrison County Republican Party