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Open Forum: Bowing down to the ‘Job Providers’

Job Providers. This new favorite term of the spin doctors is now becoming required parlance in media reports.

One should speak with a certain reverence it seems, when using the term.  After all, we wouldn’t want to anger the great job provider Gods in the sky (or wherever it is that corporate elites gather to discuss the fate of the rest of us.)

I have this image of supplicants, bowing and crawling on their knees up the mountain of the volcano to sacrifice their most cherished babies and virgins to prevent the wrath of unemployment from raining down on the world.

Isn’t that what is happening all over this country? We are allowing our government to steal money from our kid’s schools, and to neglect our young people when they need a good education so that they can become the recipients of the great gifts of the job providers for the future.  

All expenditures for humanitarian aims, all suggestions that we owe our communities and our people the rewards of their labor, are treated with disdain in the race to give homage to the Job Providers.

Bah, Humbug! If I had suggested to my corporate finance professor, that the purpose of the corporation was to provide jobs, I would have been laughed out of class.  “The primary purpose of the corporation is to increase the wealth of its owners.”  This is the mantra, learned in any MBA program.  If labor is needed to carry out that purpose, then such jobs come as a necessary expense against income.

Job providers, indeed? Corporations and those who run them are wealth providers for the already wealthy, And I see no reason to bow down and give homage to them nor to continue to sacrifice of the rest of society to their aims.

Maureen “Meg” Bye

Pequot Lakes