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Open Forum: Try to understand the real issues

As some view it there may be much in common between the “Occupy Brainerd” people and the Tea Party. They are both protesting our do- nothing dysfunctional government and want change. The Tea Party wants to elect responsible representatives, but I am not sure what type of government the people behind the megaphones really want. Seems like they want to spread the wealth among all and this gets awful close to socialism which may sound good but has failed miserably in other countries. Most of them have no idea what the end point would be. We need Wall Street but there a lot of fat cats making too much money and a responsible Congress should fix that.

Corporate bigshots and athletes — does an athlete really deserve $100 million? Do we want a country run by rioters (700 arrests two days ago, property damage, defecating on cars)? The street protesters pushing for Obama’s new job bill but many have not taken time to realize it has not worked before and also is a product of lobbying by the huge companies and the big unions. Public works projects, like here in Brainerd, give us better roads and parking lots and help the big companies and unions but do not filter down to help the average small business owner, We need a foolproof system that keeps big corporation and big union money out of elections! Get rid of the present crew in office and try to understand the real issues. Study and work for your country 

James R. Brown