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Open Forum: If we took the rich’s money ...

To all the Occupy Wall Street people, let’s say your right, in fact let’s take all the money of the rich, all income above $250,000 — got to leave them something for this year. There are 2.238 million households with income above the $250,000 so let’s get all of that money, just take it, that $1.412 trillion dollars. Wow, that’s a chunk of change, and it’s time to spread the wealth and return it to the people. First we have to pay the government’s bills, oops, the government has already spent $1.3 trillion of that money that they didn’t have this year, so that only leaves us $112 billion to share with everyone. Hmm, well then lets just take all of their wealth, every penny, after all their rich, so lets not leave them one dime of their own money, well, that brings in another $559 billon, so now we have $671 billion, now we’re talking some real money. Time to spread it around, I can hardly wait, time to get a new car, maybe take a trip to Hawaii, finally get me a Iphone, Ipad, new computer, clothes ... So $671 billion divided by 312 million people, you get $2,150.60, go have a great time. Oh,  I forgot Obama’s jobs bill takes another $400 billion from the rich, so that leaves you with a grand total of $846.87. It’s great to be rich!

Steve Lanz