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Open Forum: Paul Bunyan didn’t get a break

Corporate greed and lack of jobs was a Brainerd paper headline. Many years ago Paul Bunyan asked for a seasonal real estate tax break on his corner. Kris Hasskamp tried for a tax break with no success. The local response was Paul Bunyan is rich and he doesn’t need a tax break. Well he wasn’t rich and he eventually had to move to land with less taxes, around $2,000 a year versus $50,000 a year. Eventually the whole corner went with him — the 120-plus seasonal and full-time jobs. Now Brainerd has a Kohls instead of Paul Bunyan.

A lot of people miss Paul Bunyan on his corner. Corporate greed is not good. Public greed is not good either and it’s worse. We will be much better off when public spending is as efficient and accountable as private spending.

[b]Don McFarland[/b]

[b]Patti McFarland[/b]

[b]Lake Shore[/b]

DON and PATTI McFARLAND are former owners of Paul Bunyan Amusement Center.