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Open Forum: Before the King James Bible

Under the headline, “Nothing else has endured remotely as long,” an article reprinted in the Brainerd Dispatch celebrated the 400th Anniversary of the King James Bible. Not wishing to start an us versus them fight over the Bible, I will only point out that the Canon of the Catholic Christian Bible was established and affirmed during Church Councils and decrees in the late 4th and early 5th centuries. By my math, that’s over ten centuries prior to the King James version. Even Martin Luther grudgingly gave recognition to the papists for providing the basic canon which he tried to revise, as have many others.

I’m also not certain what was actually meant by the contention that, “Many aspects of the King James Bible got things right.” It’s amazing how much time and effort we mere mortals have expended in disagreeing over what many of us believe is the inspired word of God.

I remember reading a comment by an American Indian chief who observed that the white man wanted the Native Americans to adopt Christianity, but they couldn’t even agree on what version of Christianity the natives should adopt. The Native Americans were a lot smarter than some of us.

Pete Abler