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Open Forum: Reduce taxes $900,000

At the council meeting on Oct. 17 the city’s financial consultant recommended the city council approve borrowing $1,795,000 to pay for 2011 street and sewer improvements, this loan would be paid by passing a tax levy and citizens paying their share of the improvements with on assessment over a 10 year period.

I made a motion to borrow one million dollars and use present money in the construction fund to pay the balance of the improvement costs.

My recommendation would save the taxpayers $922,000 in taxes over the period of 10 years.

I didn’t receive a second to my motion. There was very little discussion by my five colleagues as to why they weren’t interested in saving the citizens $922,000 in taxes.

It is my belief that none of my five colleagues wanted to state publicly that their reasons are to use money in the construction fund to help pay the overruns on College Drive which will cost over $9 million dollars for one mile of road.

If the citizens of Brainerd are interested in contacting their council representative and ask them to support a tax savings of $922,000; it’s the only way that could possibly get the attention of my five colleagues and have them support my motion.

This savings of $922,000 in taxes is so very important to our citizens. I plan on making the same motion to borrow one million dollars instead of the financial consultants recommendation to borrow $1,795,000 at the council meeting on Nov. 7.

Council President Mary Koep supported my recommendation and spoke in favor at the council meeting on Oct. 17.

I may be contacted at 829-3842.

Bob Olson

Chairman; Safety and Public Works Committee

Brainerd City Council